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Schneider the Writer offers the sophistication of a public relations agency and the dedication of an employee in accomplishing promotional and editorial objectives. A seasoned independent consultant with a quarter-century of experience, Schneider the Writer provides on-time, on-target and cost-effective communications for emerging and growing health care, high technology, educational and service enterprises.

Sensitive to the time and money constraints of businesses, Schneider the Writer offers a variety of promotional and editorial services on an as-needed basis, from single projects to complete programs. By utilizing such services, companies can rely upon a professional to handle their writing and media relations projects while eliminating the high costs of agency retainers and mark-ups or employee salaries and benefits.

Schneider the Writer offers clients the choice of start-to-finish coordination and production of public relations, advertising and technical writing projects or of writing and media relations services only. Depending on the in-house capabilities, requirements and cost parameters of the client, Schneider the Writer develops and executes projects or entire programs to suit individual client needs and budgets.

Costs are based on the average time required to complete a given task and the appropriate followup, as well as the projected results. For example, a press release requires input sessions and/or research, actual writing, modifications as specified by the client, dissemination and followup with the media. Results can be projected by the quality and the name recognition of both the consultant and the client.

Projects undertaken by Schneider the Writer may require some effort and expense on the part of the client. All expenses are delineated at the time the contract is signed and are billed directly to the client. While the consultant may recommend and coordinate with other contractors, such as photographers, printers and caterers, Schneider the Writer does not act as a broker for these services.


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Savvy companies have outsourced their public relations and marketing communications needs to Schneider the Writer since 1985. Call today -- (949) 786-6270 (phone or FAX) -- for a free consultation, or e-mail us at Ischnei440@aol.com. You can't afford not to do it.
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