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Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Wrote advertisements, brochures, data sheets and sales letters for eye and skin care products.

Did entire campaigns for a given product, taking a slightly different approach for each promotional piece.

Analect Instruments

Ghost-wrote technical articles published in key trade magazines to describe the use of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrophotometers in various applications.

Wrote press releases about FTIR spectrophotometers.

Analytichem International, Inc. (now a division of Varian)

Wrote technical articles, including one published in a NASA journal, about the use of sorbent extraction technology in medical and other applications.

Wrote descriptive literature, including package inserts, about sorbent extraction technology.

Handled company's entire promotional program for 16 months, including press conferences, press releases, advertising copy and brochures.

Beckman Instruments, Inc.

Managed publicity efforts for all biomedical and diagnostic systems divisions.testube.JPG (3806 bytes)

Coordinated press conferences explaining the company's history of achievements in health care and its new products that filled needs for immunodiagnostics, general diagnostics, biomedical research and biotechnology.

Wrote brochures and backgrounders explaining the value of instrumentation in a variety of fields, including pharmaceuticals.

Wrote press releases and annual report sections on all of the above topics.

Wrote ads on instruments and groups of instruments.

Clinic for Infectious Diseases

Assembled a press kit about the clinic's immunization program for overseas travelers and background on the doctors.

CooperVision (under subcontract with AdLink)

Wrote data sheets about MicroSurgical blades and other products.

Complete Medical Care

Coordinated program at retirement homes about how the medical group's physicians served senior citizens.

Wrote press releases, brochures and flyers about how the medical group served a variety of health care needs.head.JPG (6042 bytes)

John Wayne Airport Medical Clinic/Cancer Detection Center

Wrote brochures about cancer detection procedures and cryosurgery.

Orange County Cardio Inc.

Coordinated press conference about using the Baird 77 system to detect potential heart problems in people perceived to be at risk.

Wrote press kit explaining how the system works and answering frequently-asked questions.

Rothenberg Chiropractic

Wrote technical articles, brochures and press kit contents and coordinated a seminar about manipulation under anesthesia.

Saddlebay Health Enterprises

Wrote technical articles about home health care.

brain.JPG (5147 bytes)Shiley Tracheostomy Products

Wrote quarterly newsletter for airway management specialists.

Wrote user manual about trachesotomy tubes.

Wrote customer manual about legislation affecting billing procedures.

Wrote press releases and brochures about tracheostomy tubes.

Urdea Full Life Chiropractic

Wrote contents of a press kit about holistic approach to chiropractic.


In addition to marketing and public relations efforts for the above companies or organizations, I have written about medical technology and biotechnology for the following publications:

Genetic Engineering News
Irvine Spectrum News
Lasers in Medicine
Medical Laser Insight
Medical Laser Report
Orange Coast Daily Pilot
Orange County Business Journal
Orange County Media Group (now Orange County Metropolitan)
The Scientist
Senior Health Care News
Southland High Tech
Spectrum Independent


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