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During the recession of the early 90s, many companies found themselves scrutinizing what were routine expenses a few months ago and justifying their actions on the basis of the fact that the country is in the midst of a recession. One of the first places that they "trimmed the fat" was in their promotional budget. Advertising dwindled. As a result, editorial space that could have been used to publicize new product offerings or describe their significance in detail dwindled as well. When companies laid off some of the very people who could carry out their promotional efforts effectively and efficiently, they had to resort to asking already overburdened workers with neither the time nor the skills to take up the visibility slack.

What happened? If a company principal or marketing manager found the time to take on the promotional efforts of the company, some other important function got ignored. As often as not, writing was put on the back burner, promotional opportunities were lost and the company's visibility plummeted.

Yet some companies were thriving. Their management teams understood that some cutbacks were necessary but refused to scale back on an item that would keep the company on the established customer's mind and engender a new customer base while the recession was going on and after it ended. When the recession was over, who was remembered, and who was forgotten?

Creating a memorable impression need not be expensive. You can cut back on some programs, switch from color to black-and-white in your advertising and brochures, modify some of your special events and rely heavily upon some of the more cost-effective tools of promotion, such as press releases and inexpensive direct mail pieces.

Take a look at the way you handle your promotion now. Are you being "penny-wise, pound-foolish" by making it the responsibility of someone whose time is far better spent in some other capacity? Is it being performed professionally, so that the money you spend is counting for something? Is it being done at all, or is it being relegated to the bottom of the pile to wait for a time that never comes?

While you are at it, take a look at how your competitors handle their promotional efforts. Chances are good that they have not decided to become invisible during the recession. Thus, neither can you.

Whether you rely on employees or outside vendors to handle your promotion, whether you take a first-class or budget approach and whether your company is affected by the current recession or not, it serves you well to maintain your image during an economic downturn. You can't afford not to do it.


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