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Choice Words from Schneider the Writer


Making the effort to obtain visibility is only part of the job. Following up with editors who request further information, photos or company-submitted articles is even more critical.

Generally speaking, it takes much longer to see press releases and other kinds of editorial submissions in print. Unless a press release is designated for a special issue involving a trade show or a particular topic, it may sit in an editor's file for as long as six months or a year, depending upon the amount of editorial space available in a given

publication. The slowdown in advertising has not eliminated the "free lunch," but most companies have to wait longer for free publicity.

Then there are the lucky ones -- companies who have been asked to submit something for publication. Such companies need to jump on the chance immediately, because other companies are waiting in line to take their places.

News, by definition, is only news for a short time. "Hot topics" come and go, and what piques an editor's interest today may have no news value a month from now.

New products are only new until somebody copies them. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but how will the editors know which is the "me too" product? Which company will get the front cover on a given publication?

Once a company has become aggressive enough to embark on a publicity program, it is necessary to take the next step and, hopefully, the one after that. Follow up on the initial contact as quickly as possible. Then, do whatever it takes to meet the deadline for the requested submission. You may not get a second chance.


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